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So Long, and Thanks for All the Championships

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , , , on January 17, 2008 by bsbp
The Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA – The Wachovia Spectrum, former home to the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers, could be razed to make room for an entertainment complex.

As a long time fan  I can say that all of my major memories about the Orange and Black come from the Spectrum. It will be a sad day when the Spectrum comes down and it will no doubt create resentment among some fans of not just the Flyers and Sixers, who have not won championships anywhere else, but of the Phantoms who continue to call the Spectrum home.

Before people start knocking the concept of sport as culture, take a look at most large cities, sports and sports history are a huge part of the culture. The basic plans don’t involve demolishing the Spectrum, as mentioned in Joseph N. DiStefano’s article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on January 14.
Developer considers complex at Spectrum site

By Joseph N. DiStefano

Comcast-Spectacor and Baltimore developer Cordish Co. are weighing plans for a 300,000 square foot restaurant, retail and entertainment center near the Wachovia Spectrum in South Philadelphia, according to government officials who have seen proposals.
Variations of the plan that the companies are considering include demolishing the 41-year-old Spectrum, building a hotel, and adding a parking garage. But the basic plan calls for surface parking and leaving the Spectrum intact. The possible demolition and Cordish’s involvement were first reported in the Delaware County Daily Times.
 So, what if we scrap the notion of a Sports-Complex hotel.  No matter how luxurious the thing is, location still matters. Instead let’s think a bit about history and future potential. Tear down the Spectrum and in it’s place along with the 300,000 square foot entertainment center, construct an 8,000 to 10,000 seat arena for the Phantoms and smaller concerts and events adjacent to a Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. That’s right, a Hall of Fame for the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles and Phillies. Interactive displays and exhibits, autograph signings, photo opportunities. That’s something you get folks to come down and see, long time fans, out of town fans, new fans they’d all be curious to see. You tear down the old and still show respect for the memories, the events and the traditions.
That’s my two-cents.