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It’ll Fit, just Relax!

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , on January 23, 2008 by bsbp

As the trade deadline approaches fans around the league will begin wondering about “the Cap.” Can we add the power play QB we need? Can we pick-up a scoring winger? Are we better off trading that potential FA now?

 The last bit is what seems to gain the most attention in the land of Orange and Black. Of course the answer you come to is largely dependent on what’s most important to you. Do you want to keep the youngsters or do you want to hold on to the veterans?

I’d like to keep the youngsters, and this seems particularly vexing to a lot of the fandom. Send Mike Knuble, Sami Kappanen and Derian Hatcher elsewhere. They should all by now understand the business aspect of the NHL.


Simon Gagne’s contract comes off the books in 2011, the same time players like Coburn, Downie, Parent, Giroux hit RFA status for the first time.

Scott Hartnell’s contract comes off the books in 2012, Kimo Timonen’s 6.333 million dollar cap hit will actually cost a team 5 million in 2011 and 3 million 2012, making him an intriguing ‘cap floor’ pick-up. Like wise Briere is on the tailend of his 7 million dollar paydays and cruising into 3 and 2 million dollars in 2013 and 2014.

 If we could all take a moment and remember it’s not just about this year, there would be a lot more happy Flyers fans.