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Please don’t Squeeze the Charmin

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Published: January 17, 2008
Slap Shots
Sabres Coach Lindy Ruff was furious when Brendan Shanahan shoved forward Clarke MacArthur with 9.5 seconds left and MacArthur went sliding hard into the Rangers’ goal. No penalty was called, but Ruff said that Shanahan should be suspended. “It was careless, reckless,” Ruff said. “You can’t have that happen. He could have a broken neck, a broken shoulder, a broken back. If he isn’t seriously hurt, he’s lucky.”
Is anyone surprised? The Sabres are 0-5-5, don’t call it a 10-game losing streak, and Mr. Ruff is notorious for this kind of outburst when the Sabres are down. There are times I regret that Homgren and Stevens aren’t more vocal, then a guy like Lindy comes along.
This isn’t even something you chalk up to the new NHL and it’s knee jerk reaction to loud noises and shame tactics, Lindy’s been this way forever. It almost seems like the NHL wasn’t just tailor made for guys like Crybaby Crosby but for the quick to complain coaches like Ruff, Maurice and Therrien.
It would do the NHL some good to dash off a quick memo telling Ruff to quit it. Then again the league seems to be embracing this type of sportsmanship. What a sad day for the sport when Lindy Ruff sets the tone for behavior.
That’s not a suspendible offense, did it deserve 2 minutes? Sure.