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Is it Goodbye so Soon?

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , on January 22, 2008 by bsbp

Fans on both the and speculate that the 2pm press conference called by Ed Snider and Peter Lukko will be the swing of the axe on the Spectrum’s fate.

Ed Moran’s article in the Philadelphia Daily News paints a slightly less somber vision.

Luukko to unveil early plans for sports complex 

Luukko said yesterday that none of the plans were firmly in place but because they have been written about in the media, and have begun to generate public discussions, the Philadelphia sports entertainment and arena management firm wants to share the information it has.

“While there is no definitive plan yet on how we will proceed with our development plans, we wanted to share what we’re thinking about for the area,” Luukko said. “We will unveil our plans and discuss the scenarios at a press briefing.”

Moran also notes that all of this may never come to pass, as Lukko has expressed all of these plans are in their infancy.

 It will be interesting to see what happens down the road, but for those of you wondering about the Spectrum and it’s possible demolition, I’ll do my best to keep up!