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The Kingdom is in Peril!

Posted in Hockey, Sports with tags , , , , , , , on February 22, 2008 by bsbp

Nine Games, that’s all it takes for everything to go from Utopian Garden to Anarchy.

 The best part about Flyers fans, it’s no ones fault and everyones fault. You can’t blame Briere, but what has Jeff Carter done? Injuries are a big excuse for a number of under-performers but not reason enough for the coach to have trouble finding a functional roster. Want to see hypocrisy in action? Visit a Flyers message-board.

In January, arguably the team’s most successful month, it was all the rage for fans to single out players like Carter and Vandermeer. Jim Dowd has been a victim and Riley Cote has suffered his most embarrassing defeat to anonymous board members. Yet when the critical eye turns to Danny Briere many of the same critics trip over themselves to make excuses. It’s a team thing when the criticism falls on the small shoulders of the 6.5 million dollar man.

 Yet when Scott Hartnell was under the gun for uninspired play and a perceived lack of caring, it wasn’t about team. It was about how undeserving he was of a big money contract. He was a bust to many of the same fans.

  How is Briere different? Small, one-dimensional and living off a single season of ‘elite’ production Briere has become a favorite much the same-way McNabb is beyond reproach. It’s never his fault, it’s everyone else. The perception of skill outweighs the realities of performance. Surely a guy earning 10 million couldn’t be that bad, could he?

 Well sure he could but, not if he’s on a Philadelphia roster (unless his name is Pat Burrel, then it’s OK to criticize). Flyers fans and Philly fans in general will tell you how many guys are overpaid busts on other teams but not in Philly those big money guys just don’t have a team around them. It’s everyone else.

 It’s a sad day for the faithful, reputation has become more valuable than performance. It’s why Primeau is hailed as a warrior and Lindros vilified as a bust. Congratulations to Danny Briere, your reputation is more valuable than anything you do on the ice.