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Posted in Hockey, Sports with tags , , , , , on March 14, 2008 by bsbp

  Tim Panaccio is at it again, fanning the flames of self-loathng and disappointment as is all too popular in Flyer-land, this morning in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Panaccio reports that the Washington Capitals are now breathing down the Flyers collective necks and that the boys in Orange and Black are likely to miss the playoffs. Why is that? Well according to Tim the remaining schedule favors the Caps.

The Flyers sit in the 8th seed with 79 points and 11 games left to play. The Capitals are in 10th place with 74 points and 11 games left to play. Tim presents an argument with more holes than a wooden boy staked to a termite mound.

Of the Flyers’ 11 games, nine are in the division, where they are just 11-10-2.

The New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers are their biggest obstacles, with two games against each. They are 1-5-0 against the Devils and 1-3-2 against the Rangers.

Assume the Flyers win both games against the New York Islanders, against whom they are 5-1-0, and two of three against Pittsburgh, against whom they are 4-1-0. That’s eight division points.

There are two non-divisional games, against Boston and Atlanta. They are 1-1-1 against the Bruins and 3-0-0 against the Thrashers. Assume the Flyers lose to the Bruins and defeat the Thrashers.

That leaves the Flyers with 89 points. That won’t cut it.

His scenario gives the Flyers 5 wins, upping the season total to 40 and giving the Flyers 89 points. The Caps would have to accumulate 90 or more points to take the spot in this scenario that is 16 of a possible 22 points.

The absolute worst the Caps can do and accumulate 16 points? 5-0-6

Is it realistic to believe the Caps won’t lose a game in regulation for the remainder of the year?

If the Caps lose 1 game? 6-1-4

If the Caps lose 2 games? 7-2-2

If the Caps lose 3 games? 8-3-0

What’s Tim say about what the Caps have left?

Eight of the Capitals’ 11 remaining games are within their division, where they are 10-9-0.

The Caps, who trail the Flyers by five points, could sweep Atlanta, Florida and Tampa Bay and lose twice to Carolina. But they also have games against Nashville and Chicago. Factor in two wins and that gives the Caps at least 90 points.

The Flyers who are 11-10-2 against their division are doomed, but the Caps who are 10-9-0 against their division have an easier go of it? Panacio suggest the Panthers could go 8-3-0? With losses possible too the Canes and the Predators who are fighting for a playoff spot as well.

Amazingly the Caps are 2-2-2 this season against the Thrashers but let’s count on a sweep. They are 2-3-1 against the Panthers and 4-2 against the Lightning.

I’ll give Panaccio credit for one thing; he knows his audience loves unnecessary hand wringing and gloom. No doubt many a Flyer Fan has picked up his article and nodded along, forgetting that this guy’s opinions on hockey are about as close to factual as the Comic Strip BC is to the history of the world.

If you’re still looking for things to fret about, may I suggest that the Thrashers could win all 10 of their remaining games and finish with 90 points, the Islanders could do likewise and finish with 91, The leafs could win all of their remaining games and finish with 94 and….

The Florida Panthers who are tied with the Caps with 1 fewer game to play could just easily swoop down on our 8th seed with 3 or fewer losses…

I’m just wondering why Tim didn’t mention Boston who sits in 7th place, 1 point ahead of the Flyers with an equal number of games remaining. The Bruins have lost 4 of their last 7 and have collected a whopping 4 of 14 possible points. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to poke a ray of sunshine thru the clouds of despair.