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The Amazing thing about Injuries

Posted in Hockey, Sports with tags , , , , , , , on March 13, 2008 by bsbp

The self-loathing of Philadelphia Flyers fans has reached a new low.

The Flyers, 4 games and 8 points out of the division and Eastern conference lead not only suffer from being the worst team in the league with an abysmal coach and no hope of keeping hold of a playoff spot, even after going 5-2-3 in the last 10

 Now to make sure the festering self-hatred and drama continues, it turns out that injuries to players like Simon Gagne, Joffrey Lupul and Mike Richards aren’t really bad.

 Make no mistake Gagne the multi-time 40 goal scorer will play 25 games this season, he has been shelved for the year. Joffrey Lupul has talied 39 points in 45 games and maintains a spot in the Flyers top 10 scorers, of course the Flyers have played 71 games. Mike Richards the Flyers leading scorer when he was injured 9 games ago maintains that position for the team, Daniel Briere with 8 more games played sits 5 points behind.

Sidney Crosby missed 22 games this season, being a better player his 22 games trumps Gagne’s 46 and eventual 57. As mentioned before the Flyers sit 4 games and 8 points behind the Penguins for the division and conference lead. Certainly the Flyers have had an easier time of things missing Gagne for 24 more games because well…Crosby’s more talented and 22 Crosby games is like a bajillion anybody else games.

 Joe Sakic has missed 38 games this season. His Avalanche are battling for their division, of course the division is being led by a team with 82 points. 4 teams in the Northwest are within 2 points of the division title and the guaranteed 3 seed. The other 3 teams along with 2 others in the conference will fight for the final 3 spots.

Joe Sakic’s 38 games missed are, of course, more important than the 46 missed by Gagne. Well because Sakic is better than Gagne. Never mind that the 8 games difference between the two stars is enough to put the Flyers atop the conference…Joe Sakic is a better player so it doesn’t matter how many games are actually missed.

 Yup, you’ve got it number of games lost doesn’t matter just ‘talent’. After all the really talented guys earn 4 or 5 points per win  for their team not the stipulated 2.

 The burning question, Briere missed 1 game, Richards has missed 9. Which one hurts more Briere has the reputation while Richards has the production this year. Chances are losing Briere for 1 game is far more devastating after all in Philly it’s not about what’s happening but the perception and the reputation.

 Just look at Jesse Boulerice, he’s played 5 games this year but people carry-on as if he’s been dressed for 50.