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Foppa Returns…

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…to the Avalanche.

 TSN reports that Forsberg has signed with Colorado.

“The Colorado Avalanche have won the ‘Peter Forsberg sweepstakes’, signing the centre to a one-year deal to return to the team for the rest of the season.”


Derian Hatcher, DDS.

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I noticed a couple of folks found the blog looking for the Derian Hatcher hit on Sidney Crosby.  Not wanting to disappoint, and enjoying the moment myself, I’ll throw it on here

 And since we’re all waiting for Peter Forsberg to return, who can forget Peter calling out Crosby’s dive is a fantastic source for this stuff guys and gals!

Has the Clock Struck Midnight on Foppa?

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With countless articles about the pending return of Peter Forsberg and where he will play one can only wonder if it’s a good move for anyone to welcome the fading star back.

We’re all aware of his heroics early on this decade, missing an entire season only to return for the playoffs in dominant fashion. We’re of course 6 years and countless ‘skate issues’ beyond that being relevant.

 Can Forsberg be that player again? Certainly. How likely is it? Now that’s where it gets difficult. Forsberg put up some of his worst numbers in Philly over the last 3 years. Aside from his foot there were knee, groin and upper body issues that have nagged at the Super Swede.

 Philadelphia’s a team resurgent largely on the backs of young players who would most certainly feel the squeeze in fitting Forsberg onto the ice. Is it better to bring in a Forsberg for an end season run at the playoffs at the risk of chemistry and a sense of accomplishment? I for one think these kids might be better served making a run on their own, instead of banging out would be contracts with Forsberg’s agent, maybe nailing down Carter and Umberger should be a priority.

 In 1985 the Flyers played a rather young squad all the way to the Stanley Cup finals, they shed veterans that year. All of the notables Howe, Kerr, Propp, Poulin, Tocchet, the Sutter brothers were 7 years or fewer in the league (or Pro Hockey) a lot of them 5 or fewer. While the 85 core never won a Stanley Cup, they did stretch the greatest dynasty in modern hockey to 7 games after falling 0-2, and then 1-3. There’s something to be said for letting the boys earn it.

 I’m not convinced bringing Forsberg back helps this team 2 and 3 years down the line. I am positive that letting the kids do it on their own will pay dividends for years to come..

Sorry Peter, but that carriage is turning back into a pumpkin..