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A bout of ASGD

Posted in Sports with tags , , , on February 3, 2008 by bsbp

Well the All-Star Game Doldrums have finally passed, sorry for the dramatic pause in commentary, tends to happen every year. The All-Star Game has for years sucked all interest in hockey out of me for up to two-weeks. An unexplainable phenomenon; or at-least one not worth investigating.

So just a couple of thoughts now that the smoke has settled on what may have killed All-Star games in the NHL.

 Mic’d Goalies are a necessity.

Target Shooting should become the ‘Home Run Derby’ of the NHL.

Lose the goalie on the ‘Fancy Pants Breakaway’ competition. Let’s be honest, this is an ape of the NBA dunk competition and at no time ever did the guys in the NBA have to worry about a defender smacking them down.

3-on-3 Hockey will save the All-Star Game. 2 Forwards, 1 Defenseman. Let the Fans vote for the top 4 forwards and top 2 defensemen. Let the Coaches pick the remaining players while lopping-off a skater for a fourth goaltender (there’s always a goaltender snub). Play 4 10 minute periods and just have some fun. You’d see some incredible plays with that much ice.

 It’s clear the All-Star Game isn’t ‘playoff hockey’ so embrace the difference. Welcome players from across the league to take part in the hardest shot and fastest skater competitions. Maybe fans will find some new ‘unknowns’ to identify with and include the young stars in all of the activities.

It’s not the stars that fail, it’s the league who can’t figure out how to showcase them.