Stop the Funeral…

Why is it folks are already kicking dirt on the Flyers casket because of the Capitals schedule, do you all put that much stock into Timmy P’s hockey mind?This is what the Caps have for their final 7

(1)3-2-2 Thrashers
(2)2-3-1 Panthers
(2)4-2-0 Lightning
(2)2-4-0 Hurricanes (1-3-0 with Boudreau as coach)

Sorry, that’s not a slam dunk or a push-over schedule.

The Panthers are 7-2-1 in their last 10 and brawling for a playoff spot.
The Canes have had the Caps number all season..Boudreau-be-damned.
and it’s not like they’re running away witht he season series against the Thrashers either.

The Flyers don’t have an easy road in-front of them by any means

(2)1-5-0 Devils
(2)1-3-2 Rangers
(2)4-2-0 Penguins
(2)5-1-0 Islanders

But I’m not sure how the Caps have a better shot.

(1)3-2-2 Thrashers W
(2)2-3-1 Panthers W – L
(2)4-2-0 Lightning W – W
(2)2-4-0 Hurricanes L – L

(2)1-5-0 Devils L – L
(2)1-3-2 Rangers L – O
(2)4-2-0 Penguins W- L
(2)5-1-0 Islanders W -W

The Flyers still finish ahead of the Caps. And if we’re going to talk about the Caps beating a very hot Panthers twice or sneaking one from the Canes then we need to look at winning both against the pens, stealing a point against NJ and maybe winning one more against the Rags…

Sorry…it’s not over…


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