A Case for Trading: Jason Smith

I hope to do a few of these as we get close to the deadline, in no way am I singling out Smith. With all of the rumours swirling around the Flyers looking for more blueline help, someone is going to have to go, starting with UFAs makes sense.

 The Flyers have Timonen, Coburn, Parent, Hatcher, Kukkonen and Gauthier under contract for next season. That’s roughly 15 million dollars in cap space (which isn’t bad considering Edmonton is may tie up 10 million in Souray and Pitkanen.)

Smith, along with Jones, is a UFA. He’s rumored to be seeking a long-term contract above his current 1.976 million dollar cap number.

 With Gauthier already signed, younger and a physical 3rd pair dman, do we need Smith? Smith is a grizzled veteran, he brings a snarl to the team but his body has already shown signs of weakening this season. Is Smith more valuable long-term with this club or bringing more picks/prospects to a farm that still needs replenishing.

 The Flyers need more mobility and puck moving ability on the blueline. They also need to grow young leaders and abandon the practice of importing leadership. Can Smith bring you back a young puck mover? Probably not, at-least not one that’s rostered. He can bring you back a quality pick in the first 2 rounds and/or a strong prospect.

 Teams like Detroit looking to bolster the roster as injuries slow them down in the final quarter of the season might be eager to get a guy like Smith with his mythic reputation. While still smarting from the Bertuzzi pick-up last a guy like Smith is hard to pass-on if Holmgren looks to make a reasonable trade and not a grand slam.


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